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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Eric Lovell who was born  on June 04, 1979 and passed away on July 26, 2004 at the age of 25. We will remember him forever. 

Shorty, with his spiffy clothes, and white kicks..........rollin down the road in your camero.  That silly spinner belt buckle, I laughed so hard about that buckle, but you thought it was great.  Go Titans and Vols, and the music always thumpin, 50 Cents and Tupac, with some Slim Shady thrown in for good measure.  Al Pacino "was" Scarface and you watched that movie so many times..................I can still hear you talking like him.  Amber has your drawing  of him on her wall.  She also named her sweet baby boy after you, you like that don't you, I can hear you laughing.
You and Cameron fishing at the lake or playing basketball & swimming at Aunt Colleen's, how many times did ya'll put those puzzles together.  I started to take a picture one night when you both were sleeping all snuggled up together, I wish I had.  I wish now I had done so many things, more pictures and more time together. 
Playing on the playstation with Greg......................always turned into an argument, and 5 minutes later ya'll would be laughing.  You and Amber yanking each others chain, seeing who could get who first.  You and Eddie and football, basketball, baseball, was there any sport the two of you wouldn't watch.  
How many times did you, Josh, Greg and Eddie sneak out at night that I didn't catch you?  
And you couldn't have picked and sweeter Mom for your son, Kristen I love you!
Greg and Amber, I love both of you so much and I hope you know that, both of you mean the world to me.
The great corn holio, are you still doing that joke?
I miss your laugh, I miss hearing that laugh of yours, even when I was trying to be angry with you, that laugh would make me loose it, and you knew it.
Coming up beside me and hanging that arm across my back and shoulder and just leaning on me, telling me thats what I was good for and just laughing, when I came after ya, cause you knew you were to fast for me to catch you, smarty child.
Dear Father, I know you only loaned him to me, and I hope and pray I took care of him well, tell him I love him and how much I miss him.  I will see him again one day, and what and amazing and wonderful day that will be.
Your in heaven, and I know thats wonderful and I should be envious, but I'm just sad.................I hope you don't know what those you left behind are feeling, and I wish, oh how I wish we could know just a fraction of what you are feeling!
I'll be back to write more, wait for me okay!
Slip slidin away.......................................................... 

"If Tears could Build A Stairway. And memories, A lane. I'd Walk Right Up to Heaven. And Bring you Home Again"

I am not lost but living still
For dying merely frees us,
To walk in angels gardens
Hand-in-hand with Jesus

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Tributes and Condolences
Love you   / Tammi Stokes (Friend)
Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you. Your pictures are on a shelf by my bed. You are never far from my heart. I remember being with you when you got your shorty tattoo and lying on my front walk drunk in the rain. Some of the best times in my lif...  Continue >>
Dear Eric,   / Eric Lovell (Aunt)
I miss you Honey you were such a sweet little boy. You and Christy were only 2 weeks apart. It was a busy time for your Mom and I. Oh how I wish i could have it back. To have all 7 of you kids playing together. I'll see you again someday until then w...  Continue >>
you and dad   / Eddie M. (best friend )
today is the thrid year of dad [passing away] . there is not a day that i dont think about the two of you .. today was hard to hold baack cuz i stil cant pick up the phone just to you guys vioce .. to ask dad abot something . or to call and say wat ...  Continue >>
Realization  / Jeni Kay (Friend)
It's been so long since I was in Tennessee. You were still on this Earth last time I was home. The time for me to visit is getting closer, and I think the realization that you won't be there is weighing down on me. Today has been a very sad day ...  Continue >>
You are ALWAYS in our hearts and prayers, Eric   / Daddy &. Patty Lovell (Dad & Stepmom )
  You have been in our hearts And prayers, Eric. Always loved, Always missed, And cherished forever. Warmest of hugs, son, Daddy & Patty  
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His legacy
Austin's Tribute  
I think Austin said it all, people looked up to him.  All of his younger cousins loved him, he always had time for them.  He was really interested in what they had to say, and he always took the time to sit and just talk to them.
He also hadn't forgotten how to have fun, to just let go like a kid, and enjoy what ever it was he was doing.  Life was interesting and fun and every morning was a new adventure for him.
But, people were so important to him, he always said he wished he was more outgoing, could talk to people better.  I think he did a wonderful job, he knew how to listen...........really listen to what people had to say.  That is a rare thing, this day and age.
Cameron is Eric's biggest legacy.  A beautiful happy little boy, that looks so much like his Daddy.  He also has so many of Eric's personality traits, he hates loosing.............and anybody that knew Eric has a funny story of Eric getting mad because he lost at something.
Cameron's also athletic like his Dad, Eric may have been small but he could run rings around the tall basketball players.  They always started out laughing when he said he wanted to play, but by the time the game was over, they had a new found respect for him.  The next time they played, they wanted Eric on their team.  
Cameron is also fearless like Eric was, I don't know, sometimes that can be a bad thing.................
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Eric as a baby, 1980
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